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Advanced Blackjack Strategies

In this section Minus Casino touches on advanced blackjack strategies and concepts that you might have heard about elsewhere on the web.

Beyond Hit or Stand
Most people look at their blackjack options as black and white: you either hit or stand. But there are two other choices players can make, and making them at the right time can be quite profitable. Beyond hit or stand, players may also choose to split or double down. Doubling down is usually limited to hands with a value of 10 or 11; even if the casino allows you to double down on other hands, these are the only two it is advisable to double down on. Likewise, you can split any pair, but that doesn't mean you should. As a general rule, Aces and 8's are the only pairs a player should always split on. Other weak pairs like 9's, 7's and 3's should only be split if the dealer has a weak up card.

Card Counting
Card counting is a concept that gets a lot of blackjack hopefuls all hot and bothered. While card counting has been a profitable strategy for some live pros, the unfortunate truth is that in online blackjack it's almost impossible to effectively count cards making odds-based strategies a better choice if you want to win blackjack online.

Blackjack Strategy Trainer
A blackjack strategy trainer is a computer program that simulates blackjack odds. The blackjack strategy trainer deals you each hand, allows you to make your move, and after the hand has finished advises you on what you should or shouldn't have done based on real blackjack odds.

Blackjack System for Betting
A blackjack system is something that goes totally beyond logical blackjack strategies because it's not about playing, it's about betting. A blackjack system won't actually help you to win blackjack because it gives no consideration to actual odds or strategy. Many online sites promote these betting systems, but there is no real proof that a blackjack system can increase your winnings. On the contrary, many systems inspire players to bet and lose more than they would have had they been playing or betting randomly.

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