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Blackjack Tips

The great thing about online blackjack tips is that they offer information you can apply to your game strategy instantly. Most of these tips will save or make serious players a lot of money in the long run.

Eliminate the Blackjack House Advantage
It goes without saying that if you are going to make money playing blackjack you need to eliminate the blackjack house advantage. The funny thing is that many players coming to the blackjack table from other casino games just assume that blackjack is also a game of luck, but it doesn't have to be. If you play a perfect strategy—that is, if you make the best choice with every hand—then you can genuinely overcome the blackjack house advantage and put yourself in a position to win consistently.

Use a Blackjack Odds Chart
The easiest way for beginners to eliminate the blackjack house edge is with a blackjack odds chart. A blackjack odds chart lists every possible player and dealer hand and tells you what move you should make in each scenario. You can buy a blackjack odds chart in any decent card shop, but why bother when they're also available for free online? Print one out, or keep it minimized to the side of your game screen, so you can use it while you play online.

Don't Use Blackjack Systems
Here's a blackjack tip that tells you what NOT to do! Never fall for the big promises made by blackjack systems. Blackjack systems advise players to bet a certain way. The idea behind these systems is that increasing your bets as you go will allow you to get your money back should you win once after several losses. The downside to blackjack systems is that they don't include an actual strategy, so you're back to square one betting your money on luck. It's much smarter to bet modestly and use a good strategy.

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