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Craps History

Lots of new gamblers have a good laugh the first time they hear the name “craps.” While there are many colorful casino game names, craps is no doubt one of the most ambiguous ones. To understand the significance of this unique name, you must also have a basic understanding of craps history. The origin of craps—like so many other popular casino games—is in Europe. A dice game similar to the modern craps game first appeared in France shortly after the Crusades, leading many to believe that the full history of craps actually begins in the Middle East.

French immigrants brought craps to America in the 19th Century where it quickly became popular among a beleaguered lower class eager for uplifting entertainment. So where in craps history does the game get its current name? Well for one thing it's got nothing to do with actual craps rules. Many game historians believe that the name “craps” is derived from the French word for toad, “crapaud.” Players of the game earned this designation for the way they crouched while throwing the dice.

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