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Here at Minus Casino, we want our online craps tips to be valuable (even though they're free). We want to help every one of our readers improve their online craps game. We've decided that the best way to do that is by helping you to understand craps odds and craps bets and by encouraging you to take advantage of one of the internet's best deals: free craps.

Know the Craps Odds
The first of our craps tips is perhaps the most important one. Knowing the craps odds is the only way you can decisively improve your chances of winning. Because craps is a game of chance, there is nothing you can do to that will guarantee a win, but there are many things you can do to prevent unnecessary losses. The craps odds are all over the internet if you want a really intense breakdown on which bets are best.

The Best Craps Bets
Of course if you want to know the best craps bets right now—we'll tell ya! The pass and don't pass bets offer some of the best odds in a casino. Play your chips right, and you can use these original bets to place secondary bets that are edge-free. To do this, you must “bet the odds.” You can place an odds bet on top of your pass or don't pass bet for the safest wager at a roulette table. While the payout is smaller, so are the losses.

Enjoy a Free Online Craps Game
We'll round out our online craps tips with a pointer that won't win you a thing but that's guaranteed to provide plenty of fun. Try a free online craps game. We're serious. Better yet, try one that allows multiple players to wager at once. The experience is identical to what you'll find at the cash tables; the only thing missing is the risk.

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