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When you play craps, you literally take fate into your own hands (in the form of two small dice). If you’ve been in a live casino before, or even watched movies featuring this thrilling game, then you probably remember the huge crowd a craps game attracts and the noise that crowd makes with every roll of the dice. There is no arguing that for sheer excitement craps is one of the most popular table games in any casino. People love to watch the shooter get lucky, and the energy is infectious with everyone's eyes on the dice.

Now you can bring that excitement into your own home thanks to online craps games. You can play craps online any time and anywhere. You can play it on your laptop at the airport, at your desktop at home or even on your mobile phone. Online craps are revolutionizing this already wildly popular casino game. Many of the best online casinos even offer free craps via their fun versions, so you don’t have to lay down a big pile of chips to experience the thrill of the roll firsthand.

How to Play Craps Online
It's not hard to find an online casino with craps, but we've got several excellent recommendations right here on our site. The first step to entering a craps game is to sign up for a member account. Once you have your account, you will log on to the site and click on their games section, selecting craps. You can download the site's software for full featured play or use their Flash version for instant access. There will probably be several craps tables for you to choose from. There's a player list for every live table, so you can seek out the biggest crowd, play with friends, or play alone. Each player will be asked to make their bet, which is done by using your mouse to select chips. Once bets are placed, a shooter (the person that rolls the dice) is designated, and the craps game begins. The shooter position rotates every time the player rolling the dice loses their bet. If you win a bet, the money will automatically be added to your stack. If you run out of money to bet, you can add more to your stack by using the cashier function.

Craps Rules
Knowing how to play craps is about more than knowing how to place a bet. If you want to play craps well then it’s important to understand the craps rules. Like any other casino game, craps is a game of chance and of odds. Beyond throwing them, you have no control over how the dice land, but the dice will land in some combinations more often than others. It is this likelihood of rolling each individual combination that creates the odds. All this talk of numbers, bets, and odds can be overwhelming to new craps players, but the truth is that it is relatively easy to learn how to play craps. What a beginner needs to know in regards to craps rules is that there are two dice, and those dice have the possibility of rolling any of eleven totals (2-12). Some totals (like 2 or 12) can only be created by one combination making them harder to hit than totals like 8 which can be made several different ways.

For every round of craps a shooter is designated. This is the player that will throw the dice. The shooter can only make two bets, the Pass Line or Don’t Pass bets. To win with a pass line bet, the shooter must roll a 7 or 11 with their first toss. This first roll is called the "come out" roll. If they roll a 7 or 11, everyone wins even money on a pass line bet. If however they roll a 2, 3 or 12 on the come out roll all pass line bets are lost. If the shooter rolls any other number, they are "on the point". Now the shooter must roll the same number again before rolling a 7 to win the pass line bet. Whether they hit their point or roll a 7 and lose, the next craps round begins with a new come out roll. The shooter remains the same as long as they continue to win.

The other bet a shooter has is the don’t pass bet. With a don’t pass bet, you want the opposite of what it takes to win a pass line bet. Instead of a 7 or 11, you want the shooter to roll a 2 or 3 (12 is a push). And when a point is selected, you want the shooter to roll the 7 prior to hitting the point again. If you are not the shooter, then you have several other betting options. In fact, most online craps games will offer approximately 40 different bets which are broken down into the remaining categories of: taking the odds, laying the odds, come, or don’t come.

Craps Strategy
The best craps strategies are those that utilize the bets with the best odds. With this in mind, the most popular craps strategy for new players is to play only pass line and don’t pass bets. This is because these bets offer the lowest house edge: a mere 1.4% and 1.41% respectively. Because few people play a craps strategy hoping to break even, the next step is to expand your bet to the odds. The odds bets in a craps game are without a house edge because you are literally playing against the dice. You may either buy the odds for a pass line bet or lay the odds for a don’t pass bet. These bets can only be made after the come out roll. When you buy the odds, you are betting that the shooter will hit a certain point. When you lay the odds, you are betting that the shooter will not hit a certain point. Taking or laying the odds is a great way to supplement the safer pass and don’t pass bets.

Free Craps Games
All this craps information can be a lot for new players to absorb, but after a few rounds at an actual table the strategies and rules will all become much clearer. That said, most people don’t want to lose a lot of money when they are just learning how to play craps. Today's online craps games offer an excellent solution: free craps variations! You can try your hand at betting or test your luck as a shooter totally free on dozens of awesome online casinos.

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