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How to Withdraw Winnings


You can’t play cash games without first depositing money, but there’s also no point in playing competitively if you can’t transfer your cash to a usable account. That’s why understanding how to withdraw from your player account is so important! A good online casino or poker room will offer instructions on how to make your first and future withdrawals, but unfortunately this process does not get as much attention as depositing. For more information on the withdrawal process, read on.

Funds Transfer Services

While the funds transfer service that you made your initial deposit with is the obvious choice for making your withdrawals, players have an abundance of options when it comes time to withdraw their winnings. Most casinos allow you to choose a new preferred method of payment (PMOP) every time you withdraw. There are some casinos that require that you make a deposit with a service before they will allow you to make withdrawals with it. This is simply a security measure; if someone hacks into your account at a casino with this policy, you can rest assured that they can only transfer funds into accounts you have already used (in other words: your own accounts). A list of common funds transfer services can be seen on the deposit page. These services are also popular for withdrawing funds:


  • Wire Transfer
  • ACH (Automated Clearing House)
  • Check

Each of these options has unique benefits that appeal to different priorities. For example, wire transfers are very popular with players that commonly withdraw very large amounts. ACH is only offered to Canadian and U.S. players and gives those that qualify the option of transferring funds directly to their bank accounts. Checks are popular among more traditional players that are not comfortable giving financial information over the internet.

Casino and Poker Room Withdrawal Policies
Just as each gambling site has different fund transfer options, they also have different policies for these transfers. Most require a minimum withdrawal (typically around $50), while others will only allow a set number of withdrawals per week, month, or quarter. Still others place restrictions on how and when cash earned from bonuses or promotions can be withdrawn. It is important that you familiarize yourself with these policies prior to beginning withdrawals. Most withdrawals initiated on a weekday will be completed within 1-3 business days, but processing time varies depending on the preferred method of payment.

Secure Withdrawals

Withdrawals should be arranged directly from the casino or poker room site. Check the site’s policy to ensure that these pages are secured before entering personal information. Once a withdrawal request has been made, you should receive an email confirming your request. Always read these emails to ensure that the money is being sent to the right account or address. You should receive a second alert when the withdrawal is approved and completed. Always check your account or call your bank to confirm that the funds are received in full and on time.