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Playing Poker for Fun

Ideally every game you play will be entertaining, but it goes without saying that once you enter the world of competitive poker the focus is all on winning. Free poker on the other hand gives new players a chance to test their skills while enjoying the game risk-free. Here at Minus Casino, we want players to know that they have options. Not only do most gambling sites offer free poker games, but there are many promotions out there (like no-deposit bonuses and freerolls) that allow members not only to play free poker but to compete for money too.

How to Play Free Poker for Fun

We know you’re excited to try some of the online poker we’ve been talking about on our site ­ who wouldn’t be? What we want you to know is that you don’t have to lay down a ton of money to do it. There are literally hundreds of no deposit casinos that let you open a for-fun member account absolutely free. While a free casino will not have the wild promotions and big pots of their for-cash counterparts, they share many of the same awesome features. Not only that, but a rare few no deposit casinos even offer fun members special poker bonus programs that allow them to trade points earned in table play for cool prizes.

Many skilled players still play poker for fun to take the edge off after big cash games, but the majority of fun poker players are logging into free casinos to compete without risk and socialize with other poker enthusiasts. The competition is pretty soft, but the traffic is high, so you can join a for-fun poker game virtually 24/7.

How to Play Free Poker for Real Money

If you want to take your poker playing to the next level but are not ready to invest big cash, then there are alternatives for you too. Savvy online players know that casino bonuses are the key to scoring free cash without making a deposit. Every now and then you get lucky and find a no deposit casino that offers a sign-on bonus to new members. While many players mistakenly assume that they must deposit money to spend this money, if they say it’s free casino cash then it really is! All you have to do is verify your account and take that casino bonus straight to the tables.

Even experienced cash game players love casino bonus codes and freerolls. Casino bonus codes can earn you a 100% match on cash deposits, essentially doubling your bankroll before you even play. Other codes can help you get more of that free casino money mentioned earlier. Freerolls are tournaments with a cash prize but no entry fee. Most online poker rooms offer them as incentives to new members, but you can also earn a seat by making a deposit or playing enough cash games.

The Difference between Fun and Money Games

There are two ways to play poker for fun: one involves points, and the other involves cash. Any online player worth their chips knows where to find the money is at. That means that any cash game you play—including freerolls—is likely to be have players of a higher skill level than those sitting at the tables of a totally free casino.

If you don’t like the idea of losing money—even free money—then you should probably stick to the points only poker tables. If you plan to make the move to cash games soon anyway, then no deposit bonuses make the transition pain-free. Just remember that most of these poker bonuses are a one-time deal, so use your free money wisely. Whether you’re playing poker for free or for money, it still stinks to lose. Even if you’re only competing for pride or bragging rights, a good poker strategy can help you to get more out of the game. Alternately, if you are playing for money the only way you’re going to make any against a field of millions of dedicated amateurs is to become dedicated yourself.

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