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Pacific Poker is 888’s poker-specific online portal, so you know it's gotta be good! Like 888’s other sites, Pacific Poker is built to please everyone from the first-timers to the amateurs to the pros. The site is well-designed, well-supported, and full of bonuses and other benefits for new and returning members. Pacific Poker is one of the most popular poker rooms on the web, and with its consistently strong performance across the board, we expect it to remain at the top.

The Site
The Pacific Poker website in many ways resembles its parent site 888 Casino but with an obvious spin toward poker players and with a slightly more sophisticated web design. The site continues the muted gray, green and blue color scheme that pays homage to its name. And while the layout might come across as a bit humdrum to casino players used to more elaborate schemes, it nevertheless makes a great backdrop for the excellent graphics and detailed game screens.

As with 888, the Pacific Poker site and interface are incredibly easy to navigate and nine different language options (English, French, German, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, and Spanish) make the page friendly for international players from all corners of the world. The site also includes several player help pages. There is a "How to Play" page for every game type as well as a helpful glossary and an overview of basic rules and etiquette. One of the best features of Pacific Poker is their poker school which offers free tutorials for poker newbies.

The Software

Pacific Poker’s custom software is hard to fault. Players can download the package in mere minutes or choose to play the stripped down Flash version of the site (which is readily available on the front page). Pacific Poker’s tables are sleek and streamlined to keep all eyes on the action but still offer avatar options and the popular automation features for players looking for something extra. Another feature that thus far remains unique to Pacific Poker’s 888 software is the ability to view your cards and "ghost cards" even after folding. This eliminates the age-old question of, "What if?"

Bonuses and Promotions
Pacific Poker knows that nothing excites players more than a little extra cash. Their welcome bonus is one of the best with a 100% matching bonus of up to $400. The best part is that all players get 25% of that bonus immediately. No clearing required! Long-term players will also benefit from a freeroll entry for every deposit, a variety of tournaments, friend referral bonuses, and accumulated Frequent Player Points (FPP’s).

Customer Service

888 Casino and its partner properties have become synonymous with customer service. Pacific Poker patrons have instant access to a number of detailed "how-to" pages. More pressing issues can be resolved via the site’s service center which offers four telephone numbers, multiple emails, an on-site problem reporting page, and live chat.



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