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Roulette Tips

Our roulette tips may be simple, but they could save otherwise unsuspecting players from making some common (and costly) roulette mistakes.  Because roulette is a game of luck, there is no strategy that ensures you come out ahead. That said, there are roulette tips like these that can keep you from falling too far behind.

The Best Roulette Bets
Since roulette strategy is basically non-existent, smart betting is one of the only advantages players can give themselves. Ultimately when you choose your roulette bets, you should go with what brings you the most enjoyment, but if losing less is one of your primary objectives then it's important to know that some roulette bets perform better than others. Generally your best roulette bets are outside bets, most of which offer almost even odds.

Play a Free Online Roulette Game
Ok ok, we've said it before, but it's worth saying again: take advantage of free online roulette games! If you try them once and it's not your thing, you've literally got nothing to lose. Free online roulette gives even cash-strapped casino enthusiasts a chance to get in on the action and gives hesitant new online gamblers a chance to learn the game before putting cash on the table.

Understanding Roulette Systems
Not all roulette tips are about things you should do; some are about things you shouldn't do. On our main online roulette game page, you may have already read our warning about roulette systems. Our advice regarding roulette systems stands, but if you want to know why we're adamantly against them we're happy to defend our opinion. Betting systems are wolves in sheep's clothing; they promote unproven techniques and attempt to convince players to trade proven strategies for systems based on little more than superstition and mysticism. Since systems have no regard for actual odds, you'd do just as well making totally random bets.

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