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Slots History

Slot machines are one of only a handful of casino games that can boast of American origins. The history of slots can actually be traced to both U.S. coasts. The first slot machine-style game appeared in a bar in New York where a winning combination earned patrons a free beer or food. It would stand to reason then that slots history evolved on the East coast, but in truth the first one-armed bandit slot machines appeared on the other side of the country in California in 1887.

The modern history of slots is a relatively short one; the first electromechanical slots didn't appear until the 1960's when the Las Vegas casino Bally's commissioned a simpler, automated version of the heavier one-armed bandits. In 1996 the first video slot machines were introduced, and online slots appeared soon after. All three incarnations of the game (electromechanical, video and online) are still in use today. Who's to say what the next landmark in slots history will occur or what it will be.

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