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Minus Casino offers our readers slot machine tips that are both practical and true. You won't find any false promises on our slots tips list, only old fashioned good advice.

All over the internet slot machine tips lists are topped by bonus advice. Bonuses may still be a slot machine secret to some, but for most gamblers they're a much-coveted incentive. We certainly can't argue over free cash. While a good bonus can mean lots of free money, it shouldn't be the only factor you use to choose your next casino. Also, before you make a deposit hoping to earn a big bonus, be sure to read the casino's bonus terms first to find out what you'll have to do to earn your points or cash.

Play Free Slot Machines
Advising you to play free slot machines actually incorporates several different slot machine tips. Apart from bonuses, we recommend that new gamblers play free slot machines at each casino to determine which site best suits them. Free slots are also a great way to kill time or to get more from your casino experience when your bankroll runs out. You can also use free slots offers to find the best new games without wasting any time working through the cash games.

Know the Slot Machine Odds
If you're going to play these games, then one of the most important slot tips we can pass on is to know the slot machine odds. That these games are based on luck is hardly a slot machine secret. Payout percentage is something that any long-term slots player should consider. The payout percentage tells you your long-term slot machine odds on any given slots game.

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